7 Valuable Coins You Might Have In Your Change Jar

If you are starting to collect coins, or you just want some valuable coins to sell, you are probably trying to figure out where to set your sights. If you want to find valuable coins that are still in circulation, look no further. Here are 7 valuable coins that are still in circulation in the United States.

Silver half dollars

The next time you find a half dollar, make sure you read the date. Half dollars that are dated before 1965 are made out of 90% silver. Many people think that the silver half dollars ended in 1965 but they didn't. Half dollars between 1965 and 1969, the Kennedy half dollars, were 40% silver. After 1969, silver proof half dollars were made from time to time. Those silver dollars are 90% silver and so shiny they have a mirror-like surface.

Silver quarters & dimes

Half dollars aren't the only silver coins that you should be watching out for. Before 1965, quarters and dimes were also made out of 90% silver. However, unlike the half dollar, they weren't 40% silver from 1965 to 1969. The next time you look through your silver change, keep anything that is dated below 1965.

Double die penny

In 1995 the US Penny had an issue in the printer. When they were stamped during printing, an extra stamp hit them, doubling the words "LIBERTY" and "IN GOD WE TRUST." Check you pennies for the double stamp before you throw them in your change jar.

Small date penny

In 1960 S small date pennies were printed, and are extremely popular with collectors. More S small-date pennies were printed in 1970, but they never got the same attention, so collectors aren't as aware of them. The small date pennies can be difficult to spot since the printing is already small. If you think you found one, compare it to a different penny. The small date one will have a sharp curve at the bottom of the loop on the 9. The 0 will also have a much smaller hole in the center.

Extra leaf WI quarter

Many defective Wisconsin state quarters were printed in 2004. The defect was in the die, and it created the appearance of an extra leaf on the ear of corn. The Wisconsin quarters feature a cow, a piece of cheese, and an ear of corn on the back. The ear of corn has a leaf hanging off of each side. The extra leaf quarters feature a small, extra leaf below the leaf on the left side.

No-mint coins

Once in a while, coins are created without a mint mark. This happens when someone forgets to add the working die for the mark or someone forgets to add it to the master. 3700 pennies were made in 1990 without the S mark and 75,000 Roosevelt dimes were made in 1982 without the P. You can also find dimes from 1968, 1970, and 1983 without mint marks as well.

"AM" penny

In between 1998 and 2000, many pennies were struck with a strange print error. In the word AMERICA, the A and the M are farther apart than they should be. This AM reverse Lincoln cent is coveted by collectors and often overlooked. The 1999 is the most valuable because it's the most difficult to find. The 1998 is the least valuable of the three.

Whether you are a collector or not, finding rare coins is always fun. Whenever you receive change from the store, be sure to look through it to see if any of it is valuable. If you are unsure, search the dates on the coins to see if anything comes up on the internet. You may have a rare gem that you can keep or sell to a coin collector. You can also look at coin dealers online

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