Tips For Caring For Your Jewelry

Whether you have high-end jewelry, costume jewelry, or a little bit of both, it's important to make sure it is cared for properly if you want it to last a lifetime. Here are some tips you should know.

Remove Your Jewelry At The End Of The Day

Some people think nothing of falling asleep with their earrings in, their watch on, and their favorite chain around their neck. This is especially true if it is finer jewelry because there is a tendency to not worry about your ears becoming sore from cheaper metals.

But no matter how relaxed you feel in your jewelry, jewelry should be removed before bed. Your body oils and perspiration can aid in tarnishing the metal. Fitful sleep can also cause damage to your jewelry, or you could lose an earring. You could even inadvertently hurt yourself, like rip your earlobe, if you or your partner get entangled.

Jewelry should also be removed before some physical activities, such as swimming in the ocean, exercising, or sun tanning. Salt, sweat, and intense UV rays can all cause your jewelry damage.

Cleaning Your Jewelry

If your jewelry has lost its sparkle, you can put the zing back in your bling with a gentle cleaning. The best tool to use for cleaning your jewelry is a toothbrush made for infants. It has the gentlest and tiniest of soft bristles, perfect for getting into every little nook and cranny in order to clean out the intricate details.

Add a few drops of a mild detergent to lukewarm water and carefully clean the front and back of your piece. When you have finished washing it, gently rinse it in cool water, and then set on a soft, absorbent towel to dry.

If you have sterling silver jewelry or pearls, don't use the above method. Instead, use a silver polishing cloth on your sterling silver pieces. Don't use any silver cleaner or tarnish remover; just use the silver cleaning cloth to gently buff it back to all its luster. Ideally, pearls should be cleaned after every use to remove any accumulated body oils. This is easily done by using a chamois cloth, a microfiber cloth, or a special jeweler's cloth. If you happened to get them wet, carefully wrap them in a towel to help absorb any moisture. 

If you remember to remove your jewelry before going to bed and to maintain it with gentle cleaning, your jewelry will keep its sparkle and last much longer.

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