Learn How To Create A Custom Engagement Ring For Your Boyfriend

If you are a gay man who has found the love of your life and want to get an engagement ring to ask your love to marry you, it can be somewhat difficult to find one because engagement rings are typically made for women. It is possible to have a custom engagement ring created though. Use the guide below to learn a few unique things you will need to consider when creating a custom engagement ring for a man:

Consider the Width of the Band of the Ring

When you are having the ring designed, you need to consider how large you want it to be. Engagement rings that are worn by women typically have thin bands. Since the ring is going to be worn by a man, you may want to choose a wide band so that it can easily be seen by anyone when he is wearing it. You may want to choose a band that has an intricate design created into it to make it even more unique.

Consider the Size of the Stone You Want to be Used

You need to consider how large of a stone you want to be placed in the ring when you are designing it. The cost of the stone will depend on many different things, but the size can greatly affect the overall cost of the ring. You want to choose a stone that is large enough to easily be seen, but not so large that it looks gaudy or fake.

Consider if You Want the Stone to be Inset or Raised

You also need to consider if you want the stone to be inset in the band or if you want it to be raised off of the band. Men do different things during the day than women and a stone that is raised on a man's ring may get caught on things throughout the day. Consider the daily activities of your love before choosing if the stone should be inset or raised to ensure that it will be comfortable for him to wear.

When you have the ring created, you do not need to know what size ring your future husband wears. The jeweler can fit the ring to your love's finger later on down the road. You do want to get as close as you can to the size though, so if you can get any rings that your boyfriend wears on a regular basis, the jeweler can use them to size the ring approximately.

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