What Will You Get Out Of Attending A Jewelry Workshop?

If you visit a local jewelry store in your area, you may see signs advertising jewelry workshops or jewelry classes. These are becoming more popular as patrons become more interested not only in the beauty of jewelry, but also in how it is made and the significance behind certain components and gems. If you're considering attending these classes, you definitely should -- you'll get a lot more out of it than just a fun afternoon!

How to Distinguish Valuable Jewelry From Costume Jewelry

The average person cannot distinguish a valuable gold necklace from one that is worth $5. However, it's not hard to learn how to tell the difference between valuable jewelry and costume jewelry. There are some basic things to look for, such as whether the jewelry features a hallmark, how heavy it feels, and what the prongs holding in a jewel look like.

While you can learn the basics online, there's nothing that compares to actually seeing examples of various types of jewelry in person and practicing distinguishing between "real" and costume jewelry. This is a primary focus of many jewelry workshops. Being able to distinguish between real and costume jewelry will serve you well whenever you buy or sell. You'll be able to visit estate sales, look at the jewelry, and know which pieces are worth buying and reselling!

How to Fit Jewelry

Do you know what ring size you wear? Are you confident you are actually wearing the right size, or do you think you may be able to go up or down a half size? What about bracelets -- do you know how loosely they should fit? Another thing that is discussed in many jewelry workshops is fit. You will learn how each piece should fit and also how to take measurements to find your size for various pieces. Having these skills will save you from the hassle of buying the wrong size jewelry in the future. And it will allow you to more easily buy jewelry for friends and loved ones. You can measure them yourself and be confident the pieces you choose will fit!

How to Choose Jewelry Based on Meaning

Some people just choose jewelry based on the way it looks, and that is perfectly okay. But if you are interested in giving jewelry that has a certain meaning behind it, attending a workshop is a great way to get started. The meanings can become pretty intricate. For example, diamonds are usually a symbol of love and innocence, but in certain situations, they can mean "unbreakable." The way a gem is set in a piece of jewelry can affect its meaning, too. Once you know the basics, you can more easily pick out the perfect pieces for any person and occasion.

How to Care for Jewelry

Fine jewelry is expensive, and caring for it properly will keep it in good condition. The thing is that different types of jewelry require different methods of care. At a jewelry class, they will typically give you tips for caring for various sorts of jewelry. If you have something unique and are not sure how to care for it, you could bring it to the class and ask the instructor. The entire class can learn from your questions and the answers presented!

Keep in mind that every jewelry class is different. The ones at your store may include only some of these topics, and they might include topics not mentioned here. Talk to one of the instructors to see if your burning questions will be answered. If there's enough interest, they might even arrange a more specialized class to touch on the issues most important to you.

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