3 Reasons to Consider a Silicone Wedding Band

The wedding ring is more than a piece of jewelry; it is a symbol of the bond between you and your spouse. Because of its importance, you will want to take your time choosing your wedding bands, ensuring the rings are not only valuable and attractive but that they also incorporate your unique couple style. Today, more and more people are seeing the benefits of silicone bands over gold, white gold, and platinum. This guide will give you a few reasons why choosing a silicone band is smart.

Silicone Bands Are Affordable

Unless money is no object, you most likely have a budget for how much you can spend on your wedding bands. The average cost of a traditional wedding ring depends on the type of metal used and if there are any details or stones included.

For a 14-carat gold or platinum band with no extra details, you can end up spending around $1,000. If you want to save money on your bands, silicone is a great option. While the material is not a metal material, like gold or platinum, silicone's style and affordability ensure it will be a good investment.

Silicone Bands Are Comfortable

The silicone material is designed to move with your skin, reducing any discomfort or pinching you may feel when moving your hands and fingers. Wearing a silicone band will be a great deal more comfortable compared to wearing a gold, platinum or other metal band that does not allow movement with your skin.

Because of the improved comfort, many individuals who work with their hands a lot love the feel and durability of silicone bands. If you or your spouse work in landscaping, manufacturing, construction, or another job or hobby where you use your hands and place your hands and fingers under more stress, consider wearing a silicone band instead of gold or platinum.

Silicone Bands Are Stylish

One common myth people believe is that silicone bands are unattractive and cheap. Although affordable compared to gold and platinum, silicone bands are anything but boring and unattractive. Just like with gold and platinum, there are many styles and designs of silicone bands available. You can choose from bands in various colors including black, green, brown, or even gold or silver tone. The bands can also be of different thicknesses and widths.

If you are in the market for wedding bands for you and your spouse, knowing your options is key. This guide will help you determine if silicone bands are the right option for you.

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