Are You Planning A Baby Shower?

Is one of your dearest friends having a baby in the near future? In that case, you probably offered to host a baby shower in her honor, right? Do you have your present for the baby already purchased? What about refreshments and activities for the shower? Are those plans completed? If not, from creating a gift basket to planning the rest of the shower, here are some ideas that might help you.

An Amber Teething Bracelet - Filling a gift basket for the mommy-to-be will be lots of fun for you, and your friend will surely enjoy opening the many gifts in the basket. Have you ever heard of amber teething objects? You might be wondering how a tree fossil could be associated with a baby basket, right? Maybe you've seen amber used in regular jewelry items, and you already know it's beautiful.

Then you heard about amber being used for things like teething bracelets. The fact that the bracelet has anti-inflammatory properties is pretty amazing! Baby's sore gums, colic, drooling, and even a baby's temper might be soothed by the baby gumming the amber stones. And, the fact that the stones are colorful and pretty is just the frosting on the cake. 

The rest of the gift basket might include things like an easy to use baby thermometer, bibs, bath toys, and other small gifts. A gift card for the mommy-to-be to shop for other needed items will be a good gift, too.

The Food And Fun - Think of serving finger sandwiches that have been made into things like little zoo animals by using cookie cutters. Fruit served in empty baby apple sauce food jars would be a fun side dish, along with something like fish-shaped cheese treats. Use the apple sauce that you removed from the baby jars to make apple bread and serve it with ice cream.

Before you plan any baby shower games, find out from the honored guests if she even likes games. She might decide that everybody would just enjoy visiting more than playing games. Besides visiting, when your friend opens each present, the gift giver could give a bit of baby advice. If you do end up playing games, choose baby items for the winners. They will more than likely give their prizes to the future mother.

Some fun prizes might be baby lotion, baby powder, and baby rattles. If you chose an amber teething bracelet for your gift basket, think of having an amber teething anklet as one of the game prizes. It won't hurt to have a back-up amber item for when baby needs it. 

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