What Shape Should You Have Your Diamond Cut Into?

Buying an uncut diamond and having it custom-cut is a great way to ensure you get exactly what you want out of the gem—which you definitely deserve, considering the price of diamonds these days! But what if you don't know exactly what you want and are not sure which diamond shape is best for you? Here is a look at the most common diamond shapes and when they work well.


Round diamonds are a really popular choice for engagement rings and other formal jewelry. Some jewelers may refer to this shape as "round brilliant," but rest assured that the name is just to make it sound fancy. The round cut really allows a diamond's brilliance to shine through and is a good option if you have a really high-end diamond that you want to show off.


A princess-cut diamond is basically a diamond cut into a square. It has a bit of a modern look and is popular in more sophisticated jewelry. It is used for engagement rings, but also for everyday diamond jewelry like diamond earrings. A princess cut can make small imperfections in a diamond less obvious because the corners distract the eye. However, the corners are prone to chipping, so you have to make sure your jeweler uses a setting with prongs set at the corners to protect them.


Oval diamonds have a sort of vintage, old-fashioned appeal that makes them a good choice for more mature jewelry. You might have an oval diamond made for a ring or a necklace, but the cut would look a little funny for earrings. The oval cut demonstrates a diamond's brilliance much like the round shape, but the shape itself calls a little more attention to the gem.


A cushion diamond is basically a square with rounded-off corners. It has a soft and appealing look that may be nice for a necklace you give to a younger girl. The cushion can also be used for engagement rings—ones that have a more subtle look rather than a piercing brilliance. 


A heart-cut diamond is a really unique option that demonstrates youth and playfulness. You can have lower-quality diamonds cut into a heart since the intricacy of the shape hides some imperfections. However, you do need quite a large diamond in order to have it cut into this specific shape, which puts budgetary limitations on some. 

For more information, reach out to professional diamond cutters.

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