Address Your Ring's Loose Gemstone Or Diamond

A setting that contains a loose gemstone or diamond indicates that the prongs surrounding the embellishment are bent or weak. Don't risk wearing a ring with a damaged setting, since an accidental snag against fabric or a scrape against a hard surface could result in losing a valuable stone. Take your ring to a shop that performs jewelry services to determine what type of repair is needed. 

Each Jewelry Store May Offer Different Services

If your ring is insured, take it back to the place where it was initially purchased from. Insurance coverage may include standard wear and tear, plus you will be most likely to receive your ring back in the condition it was in when you purchased it, since the craftsmanship will be the same as what influenced you to buy the jewelry in the first place.

If you do not have insurance, consult with a jewelry store owner who has been in business for several years and who has a solid reputation for the pieces that they sell and service. Smaller jewelry shops that are owned by jewelry artisans or business owners who have several shops nationwide are both viable options. Just be aware that each establishment's owner may have their own set of procedures pertaining to repairs, which may include a specific assessment and repair process and timeframe in which a piece of jewelry will be repaired.

Prongs Will Be Retipped or Replaced

The retipping of prongs involves adding a metal coating to the end of each existing prong. This will strengthen each prong and ensure that they will retain their shape. Retipped endings will cover the crown of a stone. Retipping may not be needed if a metal piece is intact and only needs to be realigned, due to bending.

For serious damage that involves weak metal prongs that have become worn down, the entire setting may need to be replaced. If a prong needs to be cut or soldered, the markings associated with the repair work will be located near the base of the setting or the underside of a prong, to conceal the fact that the ring has been repaired. Before you agree to a repair, ask if the work will come with a guarantee. If you receive a guarantee, you can have adjustments made to the ring, if you are not pleased with the results of the initial repair that was made.

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