4 Tips for Designing a Custom Diamond Wedding Ring Set

Proposing to someone is a special event, but when you propose with a custom diamond set, everything is so much more magical. To ensure the moment and your life together is special, you should work to get everything right, including the design of the ring. Discover some of the factors you should keep in mind during the design process.

Start Early

If you have a specific time frame when you would like to propose, begin the process well in advance. Designing custom luxury diamond wedding rings is a lot different from selecting a set already in stock. After your initial meeting, the designer will create a series of sketches that you will have to approve. Once approved, the building process begins. Combined, everything can easily take two or more months. Give yourself plenty of time so that you are not stressed.

Ask Around

Speak with your partner's family and friends to see what type of ring they would like. When you design a custom ring, you have the option to pick everything from the material to the diamond shape to the setting, and beyond. You want to ensure the ring is something that your partner will like. If you do not want to spoil the surprise, look at their style and current jewelry pieces for inspiration.

Consider Career and Lifestyle

A great ring looks good and is practical. Take into account your partner's career and lifestyle. Take someone in the healthcare field, for instance. This person will be required to put on and take off latex gloves several times a day. A ring with a flush design, free of any sharp or rigid pieces would be best to prevent snagging the gloves. These small details make the ring more functional, but it also shows your partner that you are thinking about them in every way. 

Focus on Quality, Not Size

Resist the urge to think that bigger is always better. When designing a ring, you should always aim to get the best option you can for your budget. Sometimes, going about this goal involves choosing a smaller carat size with a higher clarity rating. The clarity of a diamond is what makes it sparkles and can determine its lifespan, so always focus on clarity, not just size.

You do not have to feel like you are alone. A custom ring designer is here to listen to your wants and desires, but also provide their professional advice. By working together, you two can create a great piece that your partner will cherish for years to come.

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