2 Tips to Follow When Going to a Wedding Ring Store With Your Partner

If you and your partner are going to a wedding ring store soon to pick out your wedding rings, the following tips here could be useful in your search.

Treat this store visit like a special occasion

Purchasing your wedding rings is arguably even more momentous than selecting the engagement ring. Both of you will likely wear this jewelry for the rest of your lives (whereas you or your partner might not permanently wear the engagement ring). As such, treat this store visit like a special occasion.

You should ensure that you go to the wedding ring store on a day when neither of you has any other pressing commitments. Additionally, ensure you can both have a leisurely shopping trip. That way, you try on as many wedding bands as you feel like and evaluate each one for as long as you need to.

Secondly, consider dressing up a bit for this occasion. When you finally select your wedding rings, you may want to take a nice photo of the two of you to remember this lovely experience. You may even feel like marking the occasion by going out to a fancy restaurant after you leave the store. In that case, it would be best to be wearing dressy outfits that you feel good in.

Depending on the store you go to, the employees may offer you and your partner a glass of wine or champagne to drink while you try on the wedding rings. If this is the case, then you might want to take a cab instead of your car, as you can then fully enjoy these indulgent beverages.

Have photos of wedding rings you like on your phone

On a more practical note, have photos of wedding rings you have seen online on your phone when you go to this store. Stores that specialize in wedding rings often have hundreds of options available. If you verbally describe what type of rings the two of you are looking for without showing the store employees any reference photos, it might take them longer to determine which of their rings best matches the description you give them. This may then mean that more of your visit will be spent searching for the type of rings you like amongst the sea of other wedding bands — rather than trying them on, seeing how they feel, and what they look like on your hands.

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