Advantages Of Brass Plated Luxury Strand Gold Necklaces

If you are looking for new jewelry pieces to add to your collection, you may be interested in purchasing brass-plated luxury strand gold necklaces. Here are a few advantages that they offer.

Less Expense

Many people enjoy the rich look of gold jewelry. However, they may be unable to afford the type of quality pieces that they desire. Gold jewelry can be exceptionally expensive. Not only does the pricing of the jewelry take the current price per ounce of gold into consideration, but it also considers the craftsmanship of a piece. Some gold necklaces display intricate, elaborate designs that further increase their value. 

Brass-plated gold necklaces cost less but give the look of real gold. They are available in the same attractive designs that jewelers apply to real gold jewelry. However, due to the low cost, you can afford a large number of pieces without overspending.

Different Tones

With real gold jewelry, you can choose from various finishes, based on the desired look of the piece. Many necklaces are available in white, rose, and yellow variations of the precious metal. With brass-plated strand necklaces, you can choose the same finishes. Thus, you are not restricted to a certain color.


Brass is a durable metal that doesn't easily break. In fact, it tends to be less malleable than real gold, so the necklace is less likely to become warped or disfigured. 

Tarnish-Free When Finished

Brass that is unfinished may tarnish quickly when exposed to water or air. The tarnish, a black substance that coats the metal, can make a jewelry piece appear less attractive. Nevertheless, brass jewelry is often finished. The finish protects the brass from exposure to environmental elements that cause tarnishing, Thus, until the finish wears away, a brass-plated necklace remains tarnish-free.


Brass-plated metal tends to be weighty. Gold is a dense metal that has significant weight. Thus, the best imitation gold pieces should also be weighty. The weight of a necklace can help it look more authentic and expensive. Thus, brass-plated gold strands tend to look more believable. 

No Special Cleaning Solutions

Finished brass does not require a special chemical cleaning solution. You can simply use a moistened cloth with a bit of soap. The cleaning process is quick and easy, so you can keep your necklaces looking great with little effort.

To see a wide selection of brass-plated luxury gold necklaces that may be available in your area, visit a local jewelry retailer, such as ParaLux Boutique.

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